Scrum Gathering, Orlando 2009 — First Impression

So — here we are, round about 300 people in Orlando, Gaylord Palms Resort, Convention Center.

Ken gave an update about the new initiatives of the Scrum Alliance. Have a look, the do have a new website: Really cool!

Then Dr. Mark C. Paulk talked about his ideas about researching Scrum. He was saying that he said since 20 years: “Waterfall is a stupid idea!” (that has been his words).

Now I am sitting in the session of Mike Cohn: Leading Self-Organizing Teams – he talks about basic ideas. And he has a new idea: Using the framework:

Container, Differences, Exchanges (original by Glenda Eoyang: Conditions for Self-Organization in Human Sports.)

And he has some other ideas “stolen” from Seven Levers for Guiding the Evolving Enterprise. in “The Biology of Business”:

Self organization proceeds from the premise that effective organization is evolved, not designed.

… Mike is too fast. I can not type as fast as he talks …. Well, have a look at his presentation. I am pretty sure it will be online tomorrow on his website.


One response to “Scrum Gathering, Orlando 2009 — First Impression

  1. Hello Sir:
    Your right there are great opportunities but paying for one isn’t the best

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