Deliver Every Month, Inspect & Adapt, Ask the Team

Alistair Cockburn and Ken Schwaber did a wonderful talk about 8 points they wanted to emphasis. I wrote about this via twitter on Monday. Today I want to talk about one very important point they made: The Scrum implementation cycle is more or less:

  1. Deliver every month
  2. Inspect and Adapt
  3. Ask the team

What ever will happen in a Scrum-implementation, you can answer with these three demands.

Oh, we can not deliver every month! Ok … lets inspect and adapt. What do we need to improve? ….   you do not know how to change, what you need to change, ok … ask the team. Can you now deliver in a month? No? … well, inspect and adaptask the team what we need to do…..

That is incedible simple but super hard to do! I do not count anymore the people in my consulting engagements who can not understand that the first thing: Deliver every month (Sprint) is the number one thing to do!


2 responses to “Deliver Every Month, Inspect & Adapt, Ask the Team

  1. I fully agree – the Team must always deliver.

    If no-one wants the deliverable – then why are we working on it?
    If no-one sees the deliverable – how would we know if it’s good enough?
    If there’s no deliverable – then there’s no return of investment.

    To quote Kent Beck: “A dollar earned today is more valuable than a dollar earned tomorrow”.

    To me this is so true. The sooner we deliver, the sooner we get ROI.

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