What is Software?

For the work on my PhD I need the help of you! One important part of my PhD thesis will be a research about “What is Software?”

In case you know any statement any idea, anything you can contribute, I would be very happy if you can add this as a comment.

Thanks — Boris


4 responses to “What is Software?

  1. I think it’s interesting where the value lies: is it in the code or in the “other stuff” where the other stuff can be other documents (analog or digital) or in the processes/business or in the heads of the “people who knows” where the knowing can be about the code, the technical solutions, the business, the domain.

    And of the code, where lies the value? is it in the tests or is it in the real code?

    and the data? what value does this have?

    where does the value lie and how does the development process match that value? do we back up the right stuff? do we spend time on the important questions?

    I don’t know if this helps but these are questions which I ask myself

  2. Software is knowledge written in a language that empowers machines to make this knowledge available to people, which are not a domain-specialist, and makes them able to use the knowledge.

  3. Software is the users conceptual models captured in code. If it’s well done, it reflects the users mental model of their world.
    You could also say it is code describing a system that has a form (what it is) and functionality (what it does).

    The value comes by using the software. For this, you need ugly stuff like an IT infrastructure (computers, network), people taking care of it, plus documentation (user, operations, system,…) and processes like change management, incident management, problem management, … And of course, a user 😉

  4. Maybe too philospophical but i guess it’s somewhere inbetween math, poems and mechanical engineering work.
    Surely it’s a form of modern arts.

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