Upcoming CSM Training | Munich 27/28.5.09



We are happy to announce that we could export a very cool event from Vienna to Munich!

The Certified ScrumMaster Training on May 27/28th includes a very special event – ScrumCooking!

Chief Jürgen Margetich from Vienna is in Munich to cook with the participants of the ScrumMaster training in Mace’ Kitchen on Wednesday the 27th after the classical training session with Boris.

It’s a contest. It’s fun. It’s the first proof-of-concept for Scrum in a very surprising surounding and it’s a perfect rounding of the day. All costs are covered by the training fee. Participants – please invite a guest for dinner.

Read more and Book here. CSM Training and ScrumCooking in English!


One response to “Upcoming CSM Training | Munich 27/28.5.09

  1. This is interesting to me. I worked in a professional kitchen for a while and generally cooking in a restaurant is a classic ‘command and control’ situation. The chef is one who gives orders and the cooks under him do what he says, when he says it.

    Escoffier who pretty much invented the whole idea of restaurant cooking called it a ‘brigade’ – a reference to the military nature of the thing.

    I’ve seen a number of events (Jurgen Appelo does something similar) which use the kitchen as a scrum teaching tool. And I think it should work, I just find it wonderfully counter-intuitive, based on my experience and the history of cooking.

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