A Team Delivers — and this is the reaction …

Yesterday I twittered that in our scaled Scrum environment our 6 teams had been successful and delivered EVERYTHING they commited.

What I got was comments like: “Really, did they not undercommited?”, or “As a Product Manager, when I hear the teams delivered on time, I always wonder – if they under committed and if they don’t then if they were slack :p”.

Well my answer to this comments:

“When you set up the environment professional, you get professional behavior, professional software and a professional result.”

So – they, the Scrum-Teams (Developers and Product Owners) worked exactly in the way I expected – WELL DONE!

No need to pressure more, no need to force people. These teams showed what scrum is: commitment to a success, with passion for their product.


4 responses to “A Team Delivers — and this is the reaction …

  1. It is such a shame that there is so little trust in the workplace. Product Managers always pushing to get more done in less time. Programmers playing with numbers to try to appease them but still do the work properly. It’s a mess.

    Honestly, it’s pretty normal for a new team to have some waves in their velocity. But just because they don’t doesn’t mean it’s wrong. That’s one reason why having an agile coach or at least an agile veteran is so important. They can spot whether a team is judging the process to achieve the right number, or whether they’re doing it for real.

  2. Gratulations 😉
    Funny thing in the end it is: Managers get what they want, in the time promised and get suspicious. This is provoking NOT to deliver everything and exactly the opposite from encouragement.
    Yeah, Managers and encouragement … 2 worlds collide sometimes.

  3. in fact they delivered two additional stories. scrum rocks.

  4. I am actually writing down some facts since the most asked question seems to be: uhuhumy team maybe undercommits. I need this for a scrum talk on 23rd. 😉
    @Boris: This needs to be addressed. 😉

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