Scrum Checklists

Do you had a look into this little orange booklet? Any questions left?

24 pages pure Scrum.
All roles. All artefacts. All meetings.

There is no better short Scrum Checklist. Use it to remember the simple but hard to do Scrum rules in the heat of daily work and stress. Create an enjoyable and productive work environment with your Scrum-Team and let the list be your knowledge backup.

Scrum Checklist 2009

For Scrum Beginners – Follow the Scrum Checklists by the book. It will enable you to run you first 3 to 4 Sprints very successfully. Your success will facilitate to spread Scrum in your organization.

For Scrum Intermediates – Use your common sense to tweak your processes guided by these Scrum Checklists.

As an experienced ScrumMaster – Use Scrum Checklists as your safety belt in stressfull situations.

Scrum Checklists do not replace experience and practice.
Scrum Checklists are not procedures that you have to follow.
Scrum Checklists help to run a successful Scrum in a demanding environment.

Must have for CSM’s: Scrum Checklist
€9,99 inkl. VAT + Shipping costs from Vienna to your adress.

Order your Checklists via Email to office(at)


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