Scrumify Maringá, Parana, Brazil

In the last week, we helped 8 companies in Maringá in Parana, Brazil to improve their Scrum implementation.

Maringá is a city full of wonderful trees, really good restaurants and with a lot of very interesting small companies:

  • DB1: A very interesting company that provides ERP software and a messenger program.
  • SG Sistema: The market leader in ERP software for super markets in Parana.
  • Hotsoft: The market leader for laboratory software in whole Brazil
  • Process: A leader for notary back office solution for Parana
  • B5S: The main provider for “NO Java do PROGRESS”
  • Insula: An innovative research company
  • CerProSoft: Provides a Point of Sales Solution
  • Accion: Will be recognized as one of the small companies in IT in this week

Together with Ana Rouiller, Marcos and Glaucio from SWQuality, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, I was working with these companies to help them to understand in what way they can benefit from Scrum and CMMi. During the  next weeks I will write more about the challenges these small and very powerful companies have.


2 responses to “Scrumify Maringá, Parana, Brazil

  1. Hi Boris, isn´t it “GuauciA” ?

  2. Hi Boris,

    Learn Scrum with you is easier, fast and objective!

    In two weeks we already increase a lot of changes in my company.

    Thanks for your help!

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