#4711-Is a ScrumMaster a full time position?

jolegat-gloger-scrum-master Standard question 4711: “Is a ScrumMaster a full time position?” First — yes it is? But why. A lot of people do not believe that a ScrumMaster might really have something to do. So here is the 10 point list about what a ScrumMaster must do on a DAILY BASIS that you DON’T find in the usual lists:

  1. A ScrumMaster facilitates every meeting
  2. He works with the Product Owner to make sure, that the Product Owner is prepared for every Sprint.
  3. He ensures that the engineering skills of the team will be continuously increased.
  4. He makes clear that every team member needs to do what the team member has agreed to do.
  5. He enables management to understand what happens in the team and to understand what Scrum means.
  6. He works to increase the knowledge of the team about the Domain.
  7. He ensures that everyone in the team is happy.
  8. He runs around and removes the impediments on a daily basis. He anticipate impedimentes and removes them before they are arrive.
  9. He learns how to be an effective leader by going to classes and by learning on the job, what its mean to be a ScrumMaster
  10. He understand the emotions of his team and try to overcome frustration and increases the motivation.

All that together and many more thing, that you will find in one of my next postings, tells you, that a ScrumMaster has to do a lot during the day. It is a 100% job for a team around 5 to 7 people.


2 responses to “#4711-Is a ScrumMaster a full time position?

  1. Last Sprint I had a vision. A vision about refactoring, beeing the code hero. Doing the stuff, because, yes I can (haz). While my Team burned down Items from the backlog (sic!) i was refactoring. #FAIL.

    Retrospective Meeting, Feedback: Be more of a Scrum master and less of a programmer (especially when you don’t follow the guidelines). Yes, it’s a fulltimejob and the saying “When you get the scrum master thing under control, you can be programming 20-40% of your time” is just telling that the person saying this is not mastering the whole thing (maybe).

  2. I agree that being an effective ScrumMaster is a full time job – for at least several sprints for a new team. Initially at least, organizations should plan to have dedicated ScrumMasters.

    I have seen teams, product owners and organizations that become so tuned in to the approach that a full time ScrumMaster is no longer needed. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it is possible for the ScrumMaster to take on other work.

    I look forward to your next posting on the subject!



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