3 Secrets of a good ScrumMaster

A good ScrumMaster has to know and execute 3 secrets I believe:

* He/She clarifies his role and confirms this mandatejolegat-gloger-scrum-master

1. Ensure that you are able to execute your role
2. Get the allowance to be the teams ScrumMaster from the team
3. Work with your management to make your role clear and build standing

* He/She builds a very good relationship with everybody on his team

1. Work on knowing your team members quite well
2. Help them to become stonger and stronger
3. Work  on a clear understanding what everybody want to achieve as a team member

* He/She inspires people

1. By caring for people
2. By caring about the relationship with these people
3. By try to help the people to become better than they ever cold


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