You want to find a new product – start to play seriously

“I did not hire the 26 year old game designer, who was fresh from university, I hired the 16 year old boy who was still in school as our new game designer. He still has new fresh and completely different ideas.”A well know person in the German video game industry told me this a couple of month ago. I was puzzled! What – a 16 year old is of value for a multi-million Euro product?

Then I had another of this flashes. We talked to a CTO of a big social network and he told me that he works now with people from school because these pupils (around 14 to 16) have super cool ideas for their platform.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! Are we cool Baby Boomers, Generation X people,  or “Generation Umhängetasche” not able to create new ideas and new new products? Are we guilty in terms of having giving up our creativity for the security of having money and being safe?

Why is the answer to this question so important right now? Because we need new ideas! Everywhere … not only our ecosystem problems forces us to do this, no — we need new ideas to give fresh and insightful impulse for our life and business. And this is a problem for all of us. If we want to stay successful in our business, we want to have an interesting and successful life. So — if we baby boomers wants to keep our security, our life style, we need new ideas…..

Oh, now you will say, and now Boris will tell about that Scrum will be the rescue. No! What I want to show you are a very important talk given by Paula Scher.

As an artist she is known for her large-scale paintings of maps, covered with dense hand-painted labelling and information. She was involved in the planning of a new multi-use “urban center” in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood of Washington D.C., and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York. (wikipedia)

She has given an incredible good talk at TED. That I want to share with you:

She shows us a way to go out of the zone of having new ideas. Do something that you do NOT know. Get out of your comfort zone.


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