The Future of Management — by Gary Hamel with Bill Breen

The Future of Management by Gary Hamel with Bill Breen

• Management science stands on the brink of a paradigm shift.
• Classical management theories were very successful, but have run their course.
• Management is the most profi table area in which to innovate and it desperately needs to change.
• Try to create a democratic organization where workers are largely self-managing.
• Establish a multidirectional information fl ow rather than a strict vertical hierarchy.
• Get everyone involved in innovation and give people time to follow their own interests and ideas.
• You can shape your management innovation in line with four different models. For example, model it on successful political systems, such as democracies and cities.
• Model management innovation on evolution: Try many experiments, learn from your failures and see what works.
• Model innovation on the free market: Harness collective wisdom and capitalize on individual passion.
• Model management innovation on spiritual practices: Use a higher purpose to drive change and inspire your organization.

— stolen from [getAbstract]


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