Boris at the SBQS 2009 in Brazil

Boris Gloger marca presença no VIII SBQS – Simpósio Brasileiro de Qualidade de Software. O SBQS e um simpósio tradicional no Brasil cuja edição será realizada este ano em Ouro Preto nos dias 2-6 de junho. A maior participação do renomado CST do SCRUM acontecera no WDRA – Workshop de Desenvolvimento Rápido de Aplicações, onde será key-note speaker e participará de uma mesa redonda que discutira experiências praticas da industria brasileira usando SCRUM e modelos tradicionais de Qualidade de Software (como MPS.BR e CMMI).

Vale a pena conferir.


Dia 03.06.2009

Palestra – Going LARGE by Staying Small – Running Large Projects and Companies Using Scrum

Tom Peters called it – “Crazy times call for crazy organizations” (The Tom Peters Seminar 1994) We are in crazy times. The bubble bursts and capital gets destroyed in larger chunks than any time before. Obama tries to help his country to survive this crisis and one thing is absolutely clear – going large was a mistake. Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Siemens, Infineon, Nokia, Sony all are in big trouble. Open the newspaper and you get scared. What happened? Large organizations – like dinosaures survive just because they are big! They can effort to be ineffective, dull and slow because they are large. As long as the equilibrium in which they can exist does not change – they are the kings.  But – Napster and iTunes changed the Music business, the game industry is hit by self publishing game developers like tellgate, and the first line of defense of the big ones was to by the small ones. But – if you do not have big pockets anymore? You can not assimilate the smaller, the more agile companies. What will happen? The smaller will survive – and the big ones will die. This talk will not explain how Scrum works – it will show you – What you MUST do to become flexible and competitive again and how Scrum can help you to achieve it.

Mesa Redonda – Abordagens Ágeis e Modelos de Qualidade de Software – este Casamento e Possível??

Esta mesa redonda visa discutir como abordagens ágeis e modelos de Qualidade de Software tradicionais (como MPS.BR, CMMI, ISO12207, ISO9000) podem ser conflitantes ou combinados para apoiar programas de melhoria em empresas de software. A mesa redonda será dirigida por Ana Rouiller e Boris Gloger e contara com a participação de pessoas que trabalham em empresas que passaram/estão passando por esta experiência.

Dia 04.06.2009

Minicurso – Scrum Introduction Tutorial
Scrum …. transforms the way of working of software development teams around the world by strictly following the PDCA cycle of Deming.
In this 4 hours session you will learn about the new mindset that Scrum brings to people: The art of the impossible. Deliver very high quality and working software at every milestone: The Review at the end of every interation (Sprint).
You will learn also how the people in Scrum work together: The Product Owner, the Team, the Scrum Master, the Customer, the End-User and the Manager. And how all these roles work together to deliver results every couple of weeks.


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