I want to change the way we work in the 21st century. I discovered Scrum and learned after 5 years, writing a book, running a Scrum Consulting company, helping teams and executives world wide to understand Scrum – there is more.

We are at the beginning of fundamental new ways to collaborate, innovate and delivering results. I start to discover this only now. We, our generation, will need to create work environments for people that foster their creativity and gives them the opportunity to live a life that they can enjoy with their families, friends an colleagues in welthy and without fear. We need to help the people who are 10, 20 and 30 years old to find their way in this challenging times.

I talked to Linda Rising about this. She says that obviously the whole world starts to go more into the direction of agile. I have the same feeling. Now we need to find out what it is, what has changed.


2 responses to “Why

  1. Michael Zimmermann

    IMHO agile thinking is the result of finding a way to handle creativity and complexity. Nowadays problems or projects mostly have a degree of complexity (size, stakeholders, uncertainty, …) that requires to break it down to pieces. But pieces can change and require the creativity of the persons to solve it. An agile direction is the first approach to handle complexity and to leave space for individual decisions, which makes it powerful and maybe popular. My first contact to agile practices gave me the feeling to be on the right path (which proofes to be right). I will be interested what you will find out!

  2. If I look back 20 years to my younger years, it was all more strict. There was a bigger distance between young and old, experienced and newby, etc. I do not believe, this was just because I was younger and saw things with the eyes of a child. I tend to believe, that many rules from these times just vanished. Sometimes to the better of our social interaction, sometimes to the worse. This may be reason for the wider acception of agile routines. Agile routines tend to tear down walls and distance. If the entire world moved closer together, then maybe this swapped over to the development methods, too. Scrum is sometimes called a philosophy. If it is a philosophy, maybe this is one reason, why it is one of the first methods to follow this social behavioural change. Maybe the philosophy of living together simply changed, and so everything else connected with it. At least, this it what it looks like to me.

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